Who are we?

Magknit is a company that aims to change the way students network. Our platform aims to empower our users to network with confidence regardless of whether it's for meeting friends online, starting a project or even academic purposes. We are creating an environment with less expectation about the level you should be and more about your willingness to collaborate and help out. We want to put empathy, charity and a community orientated platform for our users to build new relationships.

Key features

We have created a platform that allows people to say “I have an idea/project, I believe in it, do you want to collaborate” or alternatively “We have the same interests/hobbies, I don't know where to start, lets help each other out”. Where Facebook & Instagram are for social networking, LinkedIn is Corporate and Careers Networking. Magknit has been designed to let people clearly see the intent of other users, allowing them to see who is willing to collaborate. We are what we call ‘Collaborative networking’.

Find who you need

Connect with other students or professionals and find the right person you are looking for

Market yourself

Put your goals, interests & skills out there so everyone can see your potential


Create meaningful partnerships

Whether it is collaborating with someone or starting from scratch you will find the right person

Learn from others

This is your opportunity to show what you know and learn from different experiences

About Us

This is what the founders have to say about Magknit.

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind Magknit. We aren’t just a tech company, we are a team and more importantly a family

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